Walnut Coconut Milk with Turmeric and Cinnamon

Milk is a guilty pleasure that vegetarians and vegans do not get to partake in, but with this delicious walnut cinnamon coconut milk with turmeric recipe you won’t need it! Walnuts are the king of the nuts they have been shown to boost health in multiple ways and cinnamon, and turmeric are two highly medicinal herbs.

Walnuts have many cancer-fighting properties; they are good for your heart, full of antioxidants, weight control, good for the reproductive system, brain health, and diabetes among others. When they are blended with medicinal herbs like cinnamon which helps with regulating blood sugar and improves brain function and turmeric which is good for the heart, protecting against cancer, and delaying diabetes the health benefits are multiplied.

I would suggest drinking this delicious medicinal drink right after your morning water before eating your breakfast, enjoy!






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