How to Make A Tasty Morning Smoothie for High Blood Pressure

You may want to reconsider the morning coffee and start your day with this tasty high blood pressure killer instead. If you don’t suffer from high blood pressure then you can enjoy this delicious treat anytime!

High blood pressure is a silent killer that can quietly damage your body for years before you even begin to develop symptoms. When left uncontrolled you could wind up disabled, have a poor quality of life, or even suffer a fatal heart attack or stroke. To keep your blood pressure in check it is necessary to eat a balanced and nutritious diet full of whole foods such as delicious fruits and vegetables, cut back on the caffeine, try to get some exercise even if it is just a short walk, and reduce your stress levels.


½ Cup Almond Milk

½ Cup dairy free yogurt

½ Cup Organic Sliced Strawberries

1 Organic Banana

1 Organic Kiwi Peeled

1 Tbsp Ground Flax


Add all the ingredients into the blender starting with the milk and ending with the flax seeds. Blend for 5 minutes and pour into a glass, enjoy!

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